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Professional Development

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Presentation Notes and Handouts

Carol Vaage

Letting Ideas In
(web version - no child photos)

A Taste of Snow
A Teacher Memoir Story

Inquiry and Emergent Curriculum -

Professional Development Series
(condensed version)

 Inquiry Pinterest Board - http://www.pinterest.com/carolvaage/inquiry/

Documentation -

Documentation 2015
(web version)

 Professional Development Series
(condensed version)

Documentation Pinterest Board - http://www.pinterest.com/carolvaage/documentation/

Tips for Good Documentation

Provocation Starters -

 Professional Development Series

Early Literacy -

Kindergarten Literacy 2015

Professional Development Series

Pattern Story Prompts


Journeys into the Big Beyond -

A presentation about BIG ideas and projects.

Reggio Bibliography
Visual Literacy Presentation Handout
Literacy Work Stations
I Need More Books!!! PowerPoint

I Need More Books!!! Handout 

Organizing for Literacy
Planning for Play -

 Professional Development Series
(condensed version)

Play Pinterest Board- http://www.pinterest.com/carolvaage/play/