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Resources for Kindergarten to Grade 3 teachers

 Literacy - Alphabet - Alphabet Books Online

Alphabet Action - http://www.learningplanet.com/act/fl/aact/index.asp  audio and animation. Click on a letter, hear the letter name.

Alphabet Animals - http://www.jayzeebear.com/abc/animal/a.html  Select any letter to find an animal starting with that letter. Click on the speaker icon to hear the letter audio.

Alphabet Sounds - http://www.kiddonet.com/gb/flash/phonics/Intro.html  Choose a letter, several pictures with audio names around it, some that do not start with the letter. After all pictures have been selected, one final picture animation flashes for the letter.

Alphabet Soup - http://www.jayzeebear.com/abc/food/abc.html  Food that starts with the letters of the alphabet.

Dinosaur Alphabet Book - http://www.enchantedlearning.com/dinoalphabet/ 

Giraffian Alphabet - http://giraffian.com/kids/alphabet Images to match each letter.

Julia’s Rainbow Fun With Letters - http://www.juliasrainbowcorner.com/html/letters.html  Click on the letters, hear the name and an animated image.

Lil’ Fingers ABC Mommy and Me - http://www.lil-fingers.com/abc/a.html  Interactive; letters roll in – both capital and lower case, and audio when you click on them.