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Social - Arctic

abc Teach - Arctic - http://abcteach.com/directory/theme_units/habitats/arctic/ Lots of language ideas.

Arctic Circle - http://arcticcircle.uconn.edu/TextIndex.html  Go here for summaries for your background/research - natural resources, history, culture.

Arctic Maps - http://www.athropolis.com/map.htm Maps of the top of the world

Canada's Arctic - http://www.arctic.uoguelph.ca/ University of Guelph - photos of wildlife and the environment, including satellite images and video clips.

Carol's Favorite - 2004

Enchanted Learning - Arctic - http://www.enchantedlearning.com/coloring/arcticanimals.shtml Simple information available for early researchers.

Exploring the Arctic - http://chamberlin.sbschools.net/users/rbarone/explorin.htm

Hinterland Who's Who - http://www.hww.ca/index_e.asp Canadian database for Arctic animals.

Icelands - http://www.pers.com/icelands/ Pookie and Tushka (a penguin and polar bear) teach about the polar lands.

National Geographic -  http://www.nationalgeographic.com/ Search data base for Polar.

Carol's Favorite - 2011

Pratt's Theme Pages: Polar - http://www.fastq.com/%7Ejbpratt/education/theme/biomes/polar.html Great links!

Scott Polar Research Institute - http://www.spri.cam.ac.uk/resources/kids/ Two images to compare Arctic and Antarctic; explorers; animals; polar jokes page

Smithsonian Arctic Studies - http://www.mnh.si.edu/arctic/ Includes culture, wildlife (birds, mammals, sea mammals), Vikings

Sun Guide - http://www.athropolis.com/sun-fr.htm Guide to Arctic sunrise and sunset for every day of the year.

The Aurora Page - http://www.geo.mtu.edu/weather/aurora/ Images and links to background information.

Travel to the Polar Lands - http://atozteacherstuff.com/pages/382.shtml A grade 1-2 lesson idea for Arctic/Antarctic.

Your Dictionary - Eskimo and Aleut languages - http://www.yourdictionary.com/languages/north.html Scroll down a bit until you come to the Eskimo/Aleut languages. You can use appropriate fonts, or just translate English into aboriginal language.

Yukon -http://www.travelyukon.com/  This is a travel site, and so you get the commercialism, but you can explore your interests.