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Resources for Kindergarten to Grade 3 teachers

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Alberta Assessment Consortium: http://www.aac.ab.ca/  Assessment support materials and networking.

Authentic Assessment Online Course - http://www.thirteen.org/edonline/concept2class/  An opportunity for professional reading and reflection.
Exemplars: Standards-Based Performance Assessment of Instruction, Rubrics -  http://www.exemplars.com/rubrics.html This commercial site was created in Texas, but offers a few free examples of generic rubrics that can be used in your classes.
Kathy Schrock's Assessment and Rubric Information - http://school.discoveryeducation.com/schrockguide/assess.html   Assessment and rubric links including web 2.0, generators, portfolios and articles.

Learning Record Online - http://www.cwrl.utexas.edu/%7Esyverson/olr/contents.html An amazing site with articles, examples and ideas.

North Central Regional Educational Laboratory, Assessing Young Children's Progress Appropriately: http://www.ncrel.org/sdrs/areas/issues/students/earlycld/ea500.htm
 North Central Regional Education Laboratory has prepared this page outlining the issues and recommendation for assessment of children from K- 3

Patti’s Electronic Classroom: Assessment Tools - http://teams.lacoe.edu/documentation/classrooms/patti/k-1/teacher/assessment/assessment.html Lots of links to specific assessment tools in different subject areas

Pre-K Portfolios - http://www.prekinders.com/portfolios.htm Description, photos, and work samples to download

Rubrics: An Assessment Tool - http://www.2learn.ca/search/NetStepView.asp?PID=878 A collection of links

Understanding Authentic Classroom-Based Literacy Assessment - http://www.eduplace.com/rdg/res/litass/index.html A good thorough read

Writing Rubrics - http://www.learningtowrite.ecsd.net/assessment.htm A collection of rubrics that you can use for assessing young children's writing, especially suited for kindergarten and grade one.