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Articles on Block Play

Block Play: Building a Child’s Mind - http://www.woodentoy.com/html/BlocksGoodToy.html A copy of NAEYC article

Building Blocks - http://www.gse.buffalo.edu/org/buildingblocks/ This is the outline of a program of using blocks, puzzles and other manipulatives to reinforce mathematical concepts. A good read; excerpts excellent for handouts.

Community Playthings: Block Play - http://www.communityplaythings.com/resources/articles/blocks/index.html   Addresses 4 issues: theory, setting up, organizing, and problem-solving

Kids/Blocks/Learning - http://www.yale.edu/ynhti/curriculum/units/1993/1/93.01.01.x.html A curriculum guide to educational pedagogy on block play

Teaching Ideas

abcTeach – http://www.abcteach.com/Extras/blockconstrct.htm Block/Construction Center sign

Educational Concepts: Blocks - http://www.educoncepts.com/standard_unit_oldfashioned_blocks.html Definitions of unit blocks; samples sets for purchase

Perpetual School: Block Area Ideas - http://www.perpetualpreschool.com/blockideas.html Teacher submitted ideas

Styrofoam Building Blocks - http://www.creativekidsathome.com/activities/activity_3.html How to use meat trays, etc. to create a set of building toys

Online Games with Blocks

Block Corner - http://www.blockcorner.com/content.html Simple programming skills to create an online building project

Building Blocks - http://www.kidscomjr.com/art/blocks/blocks.html online block building game

Jayzee Bear Building Blocks - http://www.jayzeebear.com/build/multi/build_block.html Online game with lots of choices for blocks

Product Links

Kiblo - http://www.kiblo.com/ for three dimensional building 

Learning Materials Workshop - http://www.learningmaterialswork.com/ Unusual and unique sets of wooden blocks that would really stimulate creative works

LEGO - http://www.lego.com/eng/Default.aspx home page

Wooden Blocks by Barclay - http://www.barclaywoods.com/ This is the ultimate block site; examples of creations made by blocks; value of blocks; instructions on how to make your own wooden blocks.