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List Serve - Web Resources

Science: Building Things

Alex’s Paper Airplanes - http://www.paperairplanes.co.uk/ instructions

Best Paper Airplane in the World - http://www.zurqui.com/crinfocus/paper/airplane.html instructions
Block Building: Opportunity for Learning - http://www.communityplaythings.com/products/blocks/video/video.html The value of unit block play - videos and articles
Build a Bridge Game - http://bridgepros.com/ Go to the learning center for research and videos.
Building Big - http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/buildingbig/ Web resources for the 5 part PBS series; educator's guide.
Canon: 3D Building Projects for Kids - http://cp.c-ij.com/english/3D-papercraft/kids/index.html Downloadable files to construct dinosaurs, families, animals, and more
Creative Building Projects - http://www.kathimitchell.com/creabuildp.htm Tons of ideas listed here!  Online games and projects as well.
Davis Creek Elementary’s Mindstorm Robotics - http://daviscreek.cabe.k12.wv.us/robots.html Samples of projects
DIY Projects - http://www.buildeazy.com/kidsdiy_diyprojects.html Building projects for kids, including how to build a scooter
DLTK’s Crafts for Kids: Construction Activities - http://www.dltk-kids.com/crafts/transportation/construction/ A few good ideas that you can incorporate
Great Picture Book of Construction Equipment - http://www.kenkenkikki.jp/zukan/e_index.html All types of heavy duty equipment – photos and descriptions of what they do
Kids’ Science Project - http://scienceclub.org/kidproj1.html Ideas going from simple to complex
LEGO Mindstorm’s for Schools - http://www.lego.com/eng/education/mindstorms/default.asp If you’re interested in starting a robotics lab
PBS Kids - http://pbskids.org/zoom/activities/sci/ Scroll down to the engineering Design-It section for lots of ideas
Pictures of Pennies - http://www.fincher.org/Misc/Pennies/ This site shows how to build bridges using pennies (no glue) - well worth a visit!
Spinning Blimp Aircraft Designer - http://www.exploratorium.edu/science_explorer/spinning_blimps.html instructions
Teaching Ideas Showcase: Building Things - http://www.uleth.ca/edu/currlab/handouts/buildingthings.html Teachers in Lethbridge created this great resource.