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Christmas - Online Christmas Games

Elle's Christmas - http://www.growley.com/main.html Decorate Christmas trees. The graphics are amazing!

Elle's Christmas Page, Elle's Build a Nativity - http://www.growley.com/nativity-small.html An interactive drag and drop page for children to create their own nativity scene.

Billy Bear's Playgound, Mix and Match Snowman Game - http://billybear4kids.com/holidays/christmas/snowman2/buildme.htm Students can click on numbers to choose different hats, shirts or pants for the snowman.

Billy Bear's Playgound, Tic Tac Toe for Christmas  - http://billybear4kids.com/holidays/christmas/tictac/tictac.htm
Children play tic tac toe with the computer - Christmas motif.

Billy Bear's Playgound, Christmas Puzzle Mania - http://billybear4kids.com/holidays/christmas/puzzles/online/main.html Select from jigsaw, slider and easy slider Christmas puzzles.

Holiday Online Coloring Book - http://www.cass.net/~rainiew/sarahbear/bigc4/colorbig.htm Children can use the paintset with coloring pages for Christmas or other season holiday images.

Claus.com - http://www.claus.com/index.php Interactive choices for children to browse - from toy-making, to stories.

Billy Bear's Playgound, Seek-a-Christmas-Word - http://billybear4kids.com/games/online/search/winter.htm Highlight the words to complete the word search online.

Twelve Days of Christmas, Playground - http://www.12days.com/playground/default.htm A few games to select from including a concentration game.

Merry-Christmas.com, Interactive Games - http://www.merry-christmas.com/games/index.htm Several games to choose from for those wanting more of a challenge.

Christmas on Holly Lane - http://www.serenasworld.com/Snow-People/snow_people.html Build snow people in front of home.

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