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Assessment - Documenting Learning

abcTeach: Portfolios - http://abcteach.com/directory/portfolios/ printables

All About Portfolios - http://edavenue.homestead.com/portfolio.html An Australian kindergarten teacher shares her ideas.

Assessment Alley - http://teachers.santee.k12.ca.us/carl/assessment_alley.htm Great ideas from a teacher; includes portfolios

Classroom Portfolios - http://www.electricteacher.com/portfolio/index.htm Mrs. Chamberlain shows examples from K- gr. 9 student electronic portfolios

Collecting and Documenting Student Learning - http://www.fairtest.org/LearningRecord/LR%20math%20handbook%20Ch%206%20%20-%20Observing.pdf A 12 page pdf file on observation notes

Creating an Electronic Portfolio - http://www.ga.unc.edu/NCTA/NCTA/WebQuest/1Flight/WebQuest/index1.html A web quest for teachers!

Developing Decision-makers: Involving Kindergartners in Their Own Assessment - http://www.acei.org/developingdecisionmakers.htm Excellent article

Developing Student Portfolios - http://members.shaw.ca/dbrear/dseportfolios.html Lots of links; just updated April 20/05. Excellent reading material; includes some templates near the bottom to get started.

Developmental Approach to Assessment of Young Children - http://www.ericdigests.org/1997-4/young.htm by Dr. Lilian Katz.

Digital Portfolios Elementary Level - http://reta.nmsu.edu/Lessons/digital/elem/elemen.html Looks easy when you see samples!

Documenting With Multimedia - http://www.youngchildrenslearning.ecsd.net/ A handout of possibilities for documentation

Documenting Young Children’s Learning - http://www.youngchildrenslearning.ecsd.net/ This telecollaborative project shares ideas for documenting learning; assessment for learning; Reggio Emilio approach using documentation; children’s projects showing examples of documentation

Carol's Favorite - 2005

Dr. Helen Barrett on Electronic Portfolio Development - http://ali.apple.com/ali_sites/ali/exhibits/1000156/Reflections.html Her name kept popping up in all the searches, so she is a guru for this topic. I especially loved the two samples of Victoria’s ePorfolios in Kindergarten and gr. 1

Electronic Portfolio Template - http://www.saskschools.ca/~qvss/technology/port_files/frame.htm Created by Saskatchewan teacher, Gloria Antifaiff, this template is in PowerPoint and can be used for your classes

Electronic Portfolios - http://www.electronicportfolios.ecsd.net/ A telecollaborative project in which 8 K-2 Alberta teachers teachers shared their class work electronically.

Electronic Portfolios - http://www.essdack.org/port/ Practical ideas and advice on what and how

Enhance Learning Through Technology - http://members.shaw.ca/priscillatheroux/assessing.html An Alberta teacher, P. Theroux takes an in-depth look at assessment. Lots of great reading here.

Guide on the Side - http://www.iearn-canada.org/guideontheside.html Created by Albertan, Bill Belsey, this site gives an incredible list of sites for project work. He addresses documentation in the section “Portfolios” and also has examples of Student Portfolios Online, a bit further down. Just keep going down…

HomeSchooling: Portfolios - http://homeschooling.gomilpitas.com/olderkids/Portfolios.htm portfolios, yearbooks, scrapbooks

Kathy Schrock Teacher Helpers: Assessment and Rubric Information - http://school.discovery.com/schrockguide/assess.html tons of links!

Linking Assessment and Teaching - http://www.nea.org/teachexperience/ask030508.html If you’re only going to read one article, choose this one!

Mrs. Silverman’s WebFolio - http://kids-learn.org/ This tech mentor has accumulated a lot of technology online projects, and she demonstrates how to create an electronic portfolio with grade 2’s. Click on the year 1999-2000 to see the example.

Online Portfolios - http://www.electricteacher.com/onlineportfolio/ links, samples of online class portfolios

Partnerships for Inclusion - http://www.dcre.gov.sk.ca/services/Childaycare/pdfs/03%20Fall%20Inclusion%20Newsletter.pdf A printable brochure from Saskatchewan on portfolios and learning.

Portfolio - http://www.brandonsd.mb.ca/bettyg/Kindergarten/e-portfolio/portfolio.htm Manitoba teacher showing examples of how gr. 1 use self-assessment in their portfolios. Good ideas; looking at different developmental areas

The Portfolio and Its Use: Developmentally Appropriate Assessment of Young Children - http://www.users.muohio.edu/shermalw/eric_digests/ed351150.pdf A 6 page pdf file from ERIC

Multimedia Report: Electronic Portfolios Tell a Personal Story - http://www.infotoday.com/mmschools/jan97mms/portfol.htm One researcher's experience with his child’s portfolio and subsequent research.

The Portfolio and Its Use: Developmentally Appropriate Assessment of Young Children - http://www.kidsource.com/kidsource/content3/portfolio.young.pre.3.html Specific ideas for young kids

Portfolio Assessment - http://www.doe.state.la.us/lde/uploads/4037.pdf A tri-fold brochure that could be adapted to suit your program

Portfolio Process - http://www.qesnrecit.qc.ca/portfolio/eng/theory.htm Online resources for educators. Excellent resource from Quebec.

Carol's Favorite - 2005

Portfolios - http://www.ncrel.org/sdrs/areas/issues/students/earlycld/ea5l143.htm Easy to read, simplified descriptions

Portfolios for Pre-K Assessment - http://www.prekinders.com/portfolios.htm Ideas that you can use for younger children.

Reflective Portfolios - http://www.findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_qa3614/is_200007/ai_n8898560 Especially for kindergarten and preschool

Rubrics for Assessing Electronic Portfolios - http://www.uvm.edu/~jmorris/rubricep.html a sample rubric that could be adapted for your own class and situation

School Classroom Portfolios - http://www.ed.uiuc.edu/BER/REA/school_classrm_port.html Offers printables for you to collect evidence for portfolios

Student Portfolio Information - http://www.adprima.com/student_portfolios.htm general description, values, research summary

Student Portfolios - http://dragonnet.hkis.edu.hk/up/Clusters/Grade34A/Lambert/ElectPort.htm  Examples from gr. 3 & 4 from Hong Kong. Wow!

Student Self-Assessment to Improve Learning - http://www.svsd35.mb.ca/ssail/ An article by Colleen Politano and Joy Paquin. Brain-based learning and progress folios; examples

Using PowerPoint in the Classroom - http://www.saskschools.ca/~qvss/technology/powerpoint_module2.htm#Celebratory%20Presentations Excellent ideas for you for creating student portfolios! Check out the informational presentations to see student samples of work

Using Technology to Support Alternative Assessment and Electronic Portfolios - http://electronicportfolios.org/portfolios.html Lots of links

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