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Dogs at Enchanted Learning - http://www.enchantedlearning.com/themes/dog.shtml If your class become enamored with dogs, there are lots of extension ideas here; dog label diagram with parts; early reader; species.

Dog Sled Web Quest - http://www.geocities.com/sseagraves/iditarod/iditarodunit.htm This web quest was created for gifted elementary students in 2001 and so many web links are outdated, but it is organized so well that you could adapt parts of it for your classes.

Education World - http://www.education-world.com/a_lesson/lesson103.shtml Lessons for Iditarod

Everything Husky - http://www.everythinghusky.com/index.html Everything on mushing and dogs.

Happy Huskies Sled Dog Site - http://www.angelfire.com/on3/happyhuskies/
Photos of sledding breeds, breed standards, Alaskan Husky information, a fun quiz, and a list of sled dog names.

Iditarod - http://www.iditarod.com/ Alaska's dog sled race; 1150 miles, begins March 4th; teacher resources.

ISDRA: Introduction to Dog Sledding - http://www.webheads.co.uk/sdcom/press/info/info1.htm Great summative explanation of the procedure of dog sled racing.

Kids' Stop Dramatic Play - http://www.punkyschildcare.com/preschool/drama.html Idea for dog-sledding with little ones.

Mushing Equipment - http://www.samoyed.org/mush.html Dense text but outlines all the dog sled parts.

Paw Power - http://www.resco.ca/jp/pawpower/PAWPOWER.PDF A friend of mine, Pete MacKay, who also maintains a List Serve (http://www.theteacherlist.ca) created this unit resource while teaching at St. John's School of Alberta. Contains a story, activities and research material on the Siberian Husky. Perfect for grade 2-3!

Polar Husky - http://www.polarhusky.com/home.asp I joined this expedition online with my Grade 1's in previous years and we loved it. Each child "adopted" one of the dogs from the kennel, and we went online 3 times a week to listen to the audio, view the video, or study a new portion of information available. Each child had a "Polar Husky.com" scribbler, and we documented with drawing and/or writing what we learned each day. Teachers and scientists participate in the race, which goes from Feb. 14 - March 1; 700 miles in length

Carol's Favorite - 2004

Teaching Treasures - Inuit - http://teachingtreasures.com.au/inuit.htm A simple summary of the Inuit for those with limited research skills.

Yukon Quest - http://dl1.yukoncollege.yk.ca/yukonquest From Fairbanks to Whitehorse; teaching activities and resources to support the race; approximately 2 week commitment from Feb. 11 - 22; 1000 km race.

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