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Grade 3 Classes

Mrs. Thonus' Third Grade Stars -
http://www.myschoolonline.com/site/0,1876,2486-196464-2-46994,00.html  Deborah, from Massachusetts has created this site and it is loaded with ideas, and is so visually appealing.

Mrs. Franchi's Third Grade - St. Clement's School in New York

Mrs. Stahlheber's Class -
http://www.myschoolonline.com/site/0,1876,441-143616-1-39013,00.html Terri is from California, and has spent thousands of hours creating this site. She also mentors others who want to learn how to create web sites.

Welcome to Gr. 3B - Mr. Byron Einspahr is from Florida, Grace Lutheran School.

Ponton's Pond - http://www.myschoolonline.com/site/0,1876,12026-171840-15-27325,00.html Lots of ideas, from Florida.

Mrs. Gold's Third Grade - http://www.mrsgoldsclass.com/ Skillman, New Jersey

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