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Resources for Kindergarten to Grade 3 teachers

 Social - Indigenous Peoples

A to Z Teacher Stuff - http://www.atozteacherstuff.com/Themes/Native_Americans/ Printables and plans

Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada: Teaching Resources - https://www.aadnc-aandc.gc.ca/eng/1302868012055/1302868605384

Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada - The Learning Circle: Classroom Activities on First Nations in Canada - Ages 8-11 - http://www.aadnc-aandc.gc.ca/eng/1316530294102/1316530327657 Some can be adapted for younger children.

Aboriginal Peoples - http://www.edselect.com/first_nations_people.htm Links for Canadian First Nations

Pinterest: First Nations Activities - https://www.pinterest.ca/natalieregier/first-nations-activities/ 60+ pins

Awesome Library: Native Americans - http://www.awesomelibrary.org/Classroom/Social_Studies/Multicultural/Native_American.html Incredible resource with links to hundreds of sites

Buffalo Hides Lesson - http://www.dickblick.com/multicultural/buffalohides/ Designed for gr. 2

In Our Own Words: Bringing Authentic First Peoples Content to the K-3 Classroom - http://aboriginal.sd34.bc.ca/sites/default/files/In-Our-Own-Words-final-Apr-16-web_0.pdf a downloadable resource

CanTeach: First Nations - http://www.canteach.ca/elementary/fnations.html Canadian teaching resources

Gov. of Canada Publications: The Learning Cirlce - ages 4-7 - http://publications.gc.ca/site/eng/423779/publication.html archived, but good for reference

Teaching Rocks: Learning about 'First Nations People': An Introductory Lesson - http://teachingrocks.ca/learning-about-first-nations-people-introductory-lesson/

Enchanted Learning: Native Americans - http://www.enchantedlearning.com/crafts/indian/ Easy to do craft ideas

Infusing Indigenous Perspectives in k-12 Teaching - https://guides.library.utoronto.ca/aboriginaleducation/lessonplans
Spirit Horse: The Learning Circle - http://spirithorse.ca/learning-circle/
Online Indigenous Curriculum Ideas - http://guides.library.queensu.ca/aboriginal-curriculum-resources/native-studies-resources/aboriginal-curriculum

First Nations of Canada - http://www.ankn.uaf.edu/IEW/firstnat.html Resource site; scroll down and choose Aboriginal Themed Lessons for ideas to use in your classroom.

Bring Reconciliation into the Classroom - https://fncaringsociety.com/shannens-dream-school-resources

CBC: Canada's First Peoples - http://www.cbc.ca/history/LESSONSSE4EP1CH1PA1LE.html includes activity
Great Chiefs and Leaders - http://www.indians.org/welker/leaders.htm Biographies
We Learn Together: A Resource Guide for Bringing Canadian Indigenous Culture into the Classroom: https://cdn.we.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/INDIGENOUS_Guide_20161018_FINAL_V4_Nov_15_WEB.pdf an 82 pg download

Kids' Stop: Games, Activities, and Stories for Youth and Educators about Indigenous peoples' culture, history and languages - https://www.aadnc-aandc.gc.ca/eng/1315444613519/1315444663239

Pinterest: Aboriginal Education - https://www.pinterest.ca/explore/aboriginal-education/?lp=true

Little Giraffes: Native Americans- http://www.littlegiraffes.com/indians.html Integrating ideas
Indigenous Arts and Stories: For Teachers - http://www.our-story.ca/teachers/
Native American Culture - http://www.greatdreams.com/native.htm Very comprehensive resource

Native American Interdisciplinary Unit - http://www.eduref.org/cgi-bin/printlessons.cgi/Virtual/Lessons/Interdisciplinary/INT0046.html An organizational outline of a unit

Native Americans: Daily Life in Olden Times - http://nativeamericans.mrdonn.org/dailylife.html Mr. Donn has collected sites for various tribes, different aspects of life

Native Tech - http://www.nativetech.org/ Lesson ideas for Eastern Woodland tribes

Not ‘Indians’, Many Tribes - http://edsitement.neh.gov/view_lesson_plan.asp?id=324 Looking at diversity

Step by Step: Native Americans - http://stepbystepcc.com/nativeamericans.html A start for ideas