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Teaching Models - Inquiry

Center for Inquiry - http://www.richland2.k12.sc.us/cfi/ This school has won awards for 4 consecutive years. Check a grade level, and then follow the links for examples of inquiry.

Concept to Classroom - http://www.thirteen.org/edonline/concept2class/inquiry/index.html  Theoretical background

Grant Wiggins and Associates  http://www.grantwiggins.org/ubd.html Understanding by Design home page

Inquiry - http://www.beginningtoinquire.ecsd.net/ A telecollaborative project with Class Project examples from K-6.

Inquiry Leading to Understanding http://www.my-ecoach.com/coaching/ilu.pdf Theory and stages

Inquiry Page - http://inquiry.uiuc.edu/ This site is a log in required, but there are sample units for browsing. Well worth a look.

Learning: An Intro. To Inquiry-Based Learning - http://www.youthlearn.org/learning/approach/inquiry.asp An excellent place to start for background information. Be sure to follow the links, especially “How to Create an Inquiry-Based Project”

Project, Problem and Inquiry Based Learning - http://eduscapes.com/tap/topic43.htm Discusses differences between three types of learning

Project/Inquiry-Based Learning Resources - http://www.iearn-canada.org/guideontheside.html Created by master teacher, Bill Belsey. Excellent listing of resources

Using the Internet for Inquiry-based Learning - http://www.biopoint.com/msla/links.html Excellent links on questioning!!!

What Does the Research Say? - http://www.cosn.org/resources/edc/vol_1.pdf A great research articles showing how student performance improves through inquiry.

What is Inquiry Based Learning? http://www.inquirylearn.com/Inquirydef.htm The graphic makes things seem much clearer.

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