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Science: Simple Machines

Baltimore Curriculum Project Draft Lessons: Simple Machines - http://www.cstone.net/~bcp/2/2NSci.htm lessons for gr. 2

EdHeads: Simple Machines - http://www.edheads.org/activities/simple-machines/index.htm Over 50 machines listed; explore each

edHelper: Simple Machine - http://www.edhelper.com/SimpleMachines5503.htm Word search printable

Experiments - http://www.galaxy.net/~k12/machines/index.shtml  Designed for gr. 3 students, a series of simple experiments

Exploring Simple Machines - http://www.lakelandschools.org/EDTECH/Machines/Machines.htm A web quest designed for gr. 4, but could be used for gr. 3

Franklin Institute Online - http://sln.fi.edu/qa97/spotlight3/spotlight3.html Short descriptions and drawings of simple machines

Gander Academy - http://www.cdli.ca/CITE/machines.htm Links to simple machines, Lego Dacto Activities and Gears, and Inventors and Inventions

Gander Academy: Simple Machines - http://www.cdli.ca/CITE/machinessimple.htm An excellent site with great links

Gears - http://www.shockwave.com/bin/content/shockwave.jsp?id=gears_free Shockwave game with interactive gears; you could get lost here yourself! I did!

How Things Work - http://howthingswork.virginia.edu/ You can search for specific items

Innovative Teaching Newsletter - http://surfaquarium.com/newsletter/machines.htm Lots of links about simple machines

Inventor’s Toolbox - http://www.mos.org/sln/Leonardo/InventorsToolbox.html Simple machines and their descriptions

Machines in the Garden - http://www.needleworkspictures.com/teaching/OCRunits/machines/machines.html A unit designed for Gr. 1 about simple machines.

MiKids.com: Simple Machines - http://mikids.com/Smachines.htm Lots of photos to illustrate the machines

Mrs. Thonus’s Gr. 3 Simple Machines Project - http://myschoolonline.com/page/0,1871,2486-196464-2-56655,00.html Photos of their work creating and inventing their own machines; uses “Inspector Gadget” background music. Great idea!

North Canton: Simple Machines - http://www.northcanton.sparcc.org/~greentown/simpmach.htm A collection of links for a unit on simple machines

Simple Machine Learning Site - http://www.coe.uh.edu/archive/science/science_lessons/scienceles1/finalhome.htm Experiments and ideas for each machine

Simple Machines - http://www.cosi.org/onlineExhibits/simpMach/sm1.html Online interactive learning

Simple Machines - http://www.howe.k12.ok.us/~jimaskew/ps/pmachine.htm Interactive learning; concise points

Simple Machines - http://www.lerc.nasa.gov/WWW/K-12/Summer_Training/KaeAvenueES/SIMPLE_MACHINES.html A gr. 3-4 lesson plan on simple machines

Simple Machines Construction Site - http://home.earthlink.net/~kandyhig/sm/ Interactive learning

Simple Machines for Kids! - http://www.kn.pacbell.com/wired/fil/pages/listsimplemsa2.html This site has an internet hotlist of links

Simple Machines Invention Web Quest - http://www.jsd.k12.ak.us/ab/el/simplemachines.html Includes instructions and assessment rubric

Simple Machines Links - http://www.kathimitchell.com/simpmach.html Student, teacher categories of links

Simple Machines Unit - http://www.schools.manatee.k12.fl.us/martin/projects/simple_machines.html Several links to help your students work through a simple machines unit

Simple Machines Web Quest - http://www.center.k12.mo.us/tmonks/simplemachineswq/ Designed for gr. 3, includes assessment rubric

Simple Machines WebQuest - http://www.kn.pacbell.com/wired/fil/pages/websimplemro.html a thorough learning experience

ThinkQuest: Simple Machines - http://library.thinkquest.org/J002079F/sub3.htm Student created work; samples they’ve created, plus photos of real world machines

Third Grade Science: Machines - http://www.utm.edu/departments/ed/cece/third/3A1.shtml lesson plans

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