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Professional Development - Play

Early Learning for Every Child Today: A Framework for Ontario Early Childhood Settings - http://www.edu.gov.on.ca/childcare/oelf/continuum/continuum.pdf 2007, but comprehensive

Let's Play! Using Play-Based Curriculum to Support Children's Learning Throughout the Domains - http://www.earlychildhoodnews.com/earlychildhood/article_view.aspx?ArticleID=453 An article

Let the Children Play: Nature's Answer to Early Learning - http://www.ccl-cca.ca/pdfs/ECLKC/lessons/Originalversion_LessonsinLearning.pdf An article by Jane Hewes, Grant MacEwan University College, Edmonton

Play and Children's Learning: NAEYC - http://www.naeyc.org/play Excellent links to recent research

Play is more than just fun: TED Talks with Stuart Brown - http://www.ted.com/talks/stuart_brown_says_play_is_more_than_fun_it_s_vital?language=en A must see!!!

Research Papers: The Importance of Play - http://www.ecswe.org/wren/researchpapers_theimportanceofplay.html downloadable articles

Rough and Tumble Play - http://www.uleth.ca/research-services/research_profiles/dr-sergio-pellis Dr. Sergio Pellis' research on Rough and Tumble play.

The Power of Play - http://www.ed.gov.nl.ca/edu/earlychildhood/power.html A 2015 resource from Newfoundland and Labrador; Q & A, articles, posters, resources, videos