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Science: Senses

A to Z Kids Stuff - http://www.atozkidsstuff.com/senses.html Integrating ideas for all senses

Activity Idea Place for Educators: 5 Senses - http://www.123child.com/selfconcept/five.html Art, games, activities
American Sign Language Browser - http://commtechlab.msu.edu/sites/aslweb/browser.htm Select any word for the correct signing

Blindness Resource Center - http://www.nyise.org/blind.htm Braille, background information

Booklist: My 5 Senses - http://members.aol.com/il2teach/5senses.htm A nice listing of books to use in this unit.
CLN: Sight - http://www.cln.org/themes/sight.html ; Smell - http://www.cln.org/themes/smell.html ; Taste - http://www.cln.org/themes/taste.html ; Touch - http://www.cln.org/themes/touch.html
Come to Your Senses – Think Quest - http://library.thinkquest.org/3750/index.html Web quest

Computer Integration Activities - http://www.swlauriersb.qc.ca/english/edservices/pedresources/webquest/senses.htm An online search to answer specific questions; gr. 2-3

Ear Guitar - http://www.exploratorium.edu/science_explorer/ear_guitar.html Experiment for sound waves
Ed Tech: Five Senses - http://edtech.kennesaw.edu/web/5senses.html Awesome collection of links
edHelper: 5 Senses Theme Unit - http://www.edhelper.com/five_senses.htm Printables
Education World - http://www.educationworld.com/a_lesson/lesson/lesson183.shtml 10 activities to use when teaching the senses

Everything Preschool: Senses - http://www.everythingpreschool.com/themes/fivesenses/index.htm Long lists of integrating activities

Exploratorium Snacks - http://www.exploratorium.edu/snacks/snackintro.html Science experiments of all types – to stretch and extend the senses unit
Five Senses - http://www.geocities.com/cu_redhead/index42.html Several ideas
Five Senses - http://www.geocities.com/kindergartenkapers/5senses.html One teacher’s plans
Five Senses - http://members.tripod.com/~preschoolresource/august2.html Preschool ideas
Five Senses - http://freda.auyeung.net/5senses/ 3 people have collaborated to do this simple background information site.
Freesound - http://freesound.iua.upf.edu/index.php Huge database of sounds that can be used to create sound activities
Handspeak - http://www.handspeak.com/ Links to all sign languages – excellent site, based on subscription. $5.45/per month.
Hummingbird Resources: Senses - http://www.hummingbirded.com/senses_emotions.html A great list of ideas to use for hands-on learning
Kids Connect - http://kidskonnect.com/FiveSenses/FiveSensesHome.html Great links
Kids Health Organization - http://www.kidshealth.org/kid/ Type in Senses in their search box and you will get a great list of multimedia.
Lesson Plans: Senses - http://www.lessonplanz.com/go/search.cgi?query=senses&grade=1-2&bool=OR&catid=&Search.x=27&Search.y=7 Lots of specific lessons on this topic
Light for Sight - http://camillasenior.homestead.com/files/the_light_for_sight.pdf A pdf file showing how to make a model of how an eye works
Little Giraffe’s Senses - http://www.littlegiraffes.com/fivesenses.html Excellent ideas!

Carol's Favorite - 2005

Minutes from Me: Hearing - http://sln.fi.edu/qa98/me1/me1.html A unit on hearing with great links

Mrs. Williamson’s Five Senses Unit - http://www.mrswilliamson.com/units/5_senses_unit.htm A five day package ready to go!

Neuroscience for Kids: Senses - http://faculty.washington.edu/chudler/chsense.html Experiments

Perpetual Preschool: Senses - http://www.perpetualpreschool.com/preschool_themes/five_senses/sensory.htm Integrating ideas

Pratt’s Educational Resources - http://www.fastq.com/%7Ejbpratt/education/theme/fivesenses.html Great links

Pre-K Pages: 5 Senses - http://www.pre-kpages.com/5senses.html Integrating ideas

Preschool Education: Senses - http://www.preschooleducation.com/senses.shtml Integrating ideas
Preschool Fun Zone - http://www.geocities.com/preschoolfunzone/senses.html Lots of activities and ideas
Preschool Rainbow: Senses - http://www.preschoolrainbow.org/5senses.htm Hands-on activities for younger students
Preschool Themes: 5 Senses - http://www.prekfun.com/Preschool_Themes/FiveSenses/FiveSenses_Main.htm Integrating ideas
SEDL: Five Senses - http://www.sedl.org/scimath/pasopartners/senses/welcome.html  Extensive lessons from Southwest Educational Development Lab.
Seeing, Hearing, Smelling the World - http://www.hhmi.org/senses/ Howard Hughes Medical Institute – Great research and background.

Carol's Favorite - 2005

Sound and Hearing - http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/scienceclips/ages/5_6/sound_hearing.shtml Interactive online site
Sound Site - http://www.sci.mus.mn.us/sound/topcss.html University of Minnesota Science of Sound - interactive.
Sounds Amazing - Sound Site - http://www.sci.mus.mn.us/sound/topcss.html University of Minnesota Science of Sound - interactive.

Stormie Pages – Sense of Smell - http://www.preschoolbystormie.com/asensesmell.html ; Sense of Sight - http://www.preschoolbystormie.com/dsenseofsight.html ; Sense of Hearing - http://www.preschoolbystormie.com/jsensehearing.html ; Sense of Touch - http://www.preschoolbystormie.com/osensetouch.html

Teach the Children Well: Senses - http://www.teachthechildrenwell.com/science.html#sense Great links

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