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Resources for Kindergarten to Grade 3 teachers

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 Teacher Tips

abcTeach - http://abcteach.com/directory/teaching_extras/ Printables

Alphabet Soup: Teacher Tools - http://www.alphabet-soup.net/ttools/ttools.html Printables

Bob’s Links: Early Learning Educators - http://www.bobsedulinks.com/early_teachers.htm Huge listing of specific topics

Busy Bee Activity Page - http://web.archive.org/web/20030414020815/http://www.cbv.ns.ca/sstudies/activities/active.html Teacher shared ideas

CanTeach: General Lesson Plans, Ideas, and Teacher Tips - http://www.canteach.ca/links/linklessonplans.html Great list of topics

Classroom Architect - http://classroom.4teachers.org/ Classroom Architect is Flash-based floor-planning tool which helps the teacher design a floor plan for the classroom. It includes shapes for desks, tables, shelves, and other classroom furniture built to scale. By entering the classrooms dimensions, the teacher can have a sense for what might work in planning a particular classroom environment before doing all the heavy lifting. This might make an interesting activity for students who are learning to map out a classroom too. As well, this site includes helpful tips in planning an effective classroom layout to maximize learning and reducing distractions. (Thanks Pete, for this site!)

Classroom Decorating Ideas - http://atozteacherstuff.com/Tips/Classroom_Decor/index.shtml Several possibilities

Kindergarten Teacher - http://www.csufresno.edu/library/subjectresources/curriculumjuvenile/kindergarten/#teacher_tools This entire page has got resources for the kindergarten teacher

Kinderthemes: Teacher Tips - http://www.kinderthemes.com/teachertips.html  Great ideas to start using right away - from painting to chapped lips

Teacher Tools - http://www.myteachertools.com/ Lots of great tools available at your fingertips

Teacher’s Corner: Teacher Helper - http://www.theteacherscorner.net/teacher-resources/teachhelp.htm Categorized for easy browsing

Teachers Helping Teachers: Classroom Management - http://www.pacificnet.net/~mandel/ClassroomManagement.html Mislabeled page - it’s just full of different ideas & teaching tips

Teaching Tips – For ESL and Mainstream Teachers - http://www.everythingesl.net/inservices/ Includes interesting topics like cultural non-verbals

Teaching Tips Index - http://honolulu.hawaii.edu/intranet/committees/FacDevCom/guidebk/teachtip/teachtip.htm From Honolulu Education faculty – categorized with tons of helpful tips

Teaching Tips: Current Articles - http://teachingtips.com/articles.html A long list of helpful topics

Teaching Tips: http://help4teachers.com/tips.htm Over 101 ideas! You’ll love browsing through this page and I’ll bet one or two will be implemented right away!

TeAchnology: Teaching Tips that Work - http://www.teach-nology.com/ideas/ Itemized categories, including one for tattling…

Virtual Vine: Teaching Tips - http://www.thevirtualvine.com/teachertips.html Excellent advice